Since I can remember being alive, I have been in training to write this book. From the leaders I have had the privilege to know and work with, to the triumphs and countless mistakes I have made in my own leadership attempts, I can assure you the information in this book comes from a very real place. The stories I tell are true and the humility in which they are shared is genuine. My life has been one of great adventure, filled with interesting characters and unique circumstances. A college athlete, an entrepreneur selling sandwiches, drums, and long-distance service, a pizza delivery boy, mowing lawns, writing, speaking, film work, real-estate management, bartending,  wanna-be rock star, philanthropy, and parenting have all provided me with a very close and in-depth view of leadership. One thing is for certain:  when leadership is absent, so is success

Leadership Book, "When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins"

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  • Foreword

    b y J a c o b N o r d b y


    We live in a world rocked by constant, relentless change. It is

    one which begs, invites, and demands all of us to be dynamic

    in ways we aren’t used to being.

    In other words, the time in which we live is calling us

    all to lead.

    At every level of life—home, business, government and

    the social collective—all the structures are in rapid shift.

    The old hierarchies are being shuffled and the way we lead

    and have been led no longer seem to work as they once did.

    So here we are.

    What are we going to do about it?

    In “When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins”, Big Joe Stout

    delivers a direct call to action for all of us. Unlike so many

    other authors in the leadership space, he doesn’t serve up more

    of the standard fare. He asks us to find the truth about our

    own desires, get bold and clear about what is standing in our

    way, and then take action regardless of our title or position.

    Big Joe leads a journey of redefining success in ways that

    will transform the way you see yourself as you sit at your

    desk, speak with your children and partner, or spend time

    with your friends.

    This book opens up some well-established myths and

    subjects them to a clear True or False test which helps us

    gain laser focus on the real question of leadership.

    If you feel the call to show up, stand up, and human

    up in new ways so that your life can be the creative, joyful

    experience it was meant to be, this book is for you—no matter

    what title you hold.

    You were born to lead.

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