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Since I can remember being alive, I have been in training to write this book. From the leaders I have had the privilege to know and work with, to the triumphs and countless mistakes I have made in my own leadership attempts, I can assure you the information in this book comes from a very real place. The stories I tell are true and the humility in which they are shared is genuine. My life has been one of great adventure, filled with interesting characters and unique circumstances. A college athlete, an entrepreneur selling sandwiches, drums, and long-distance service, a pizza delivery boy, mowing lawns, writing, speaking, film work, real-estate management, bartending,  wanna-be rock star, philanthropy, and parenting have all provided me with a very close and in-depth view of leadership. One thing is for certain:  when leadership is absent, so is success

Leadership Book, "When Everyone Leads, Everyone Wins"

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