Unlimited Sunshine Live Auction


We gather amazing auction items from local and national companies and auction them individually, or group them into an exciting auction package. You get to participate in the fun with our fun and interesting auctioneers and take home great items. Best of all, your purchase directly impacts our contributions to Harry's Foundation causes and you will receive a 501(c)3  receipt. 

When you arrive at The Unlimited Sunshine Festival, simply provide us with some basic information and you will be issued a bid card that you can use during the auction. At the conclusion of the auction, you can pay for (Cash, check, credit card, PayPal) your item(s) at the convenient checkout location. 

If you would like to donate an item or service to our auction, please visit our sponsorship page for details.

Donating Items for The Live Auction

Our live auction is the primary source for funds to give to Harry's Foundation causes, and the more great things we have, the more great things we can do!

If you would like to donate items or services, click here and a Harry's Foundation representative will contact you.

Here are some ideas for auction donations.

  • Lessons/Instruction

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Travel/Vacation Homes

  • Sports Tickets

  • Anything Golf

  • Beauty/Salon/Spa

  • Gift Baskets

  • Gym/Fitness/Training

  • Museums/Events/Concerts

  • House Cleaning

  • Baby Sitting Services

  • Movie/Play Tickets

  • Wine/Beer/Elixirs

  • Hot Air Balloon Ride

  • Photography/Videographer  

  • Dry Cleaning

  • Flowers

  • Hotel/Bed & Breakfast/Camping

  • Home Services

  • Auto Services

  • Gift Certificates

  • Ski Trips

  • Novelty Items


Donating Services to Harry's Foundation


The only money Harry's Foundation spends that does not go to our causes are event related expenses. We currently enjoy amazing relationships with several businesses that make the Unlimited Sunshine Festival  possible, but there are always a few more that could make it even better!


  • Marketing/Advertising

  • Sky Lanterns

  • Auctioneers

  • Hotel/Bed and Breakfast Accommodations

  • Airfare

  • Photography