The live music festival honoring the late Harry Stout returns in 2022 with a scaled back version of the original “Harry Fest” on Saturday, April 30th.  After 14-years hosting the event in Michigan from 2005 - 2019, and one year in Tampa at Skipper’s Smokehouse in 2020, foundation members will host an invitation only get together to celebrate Harry’s life and raise funds for a great cause.

One of the biggest changes will be how funds are raised and what nonprofit will receive them. There is no admission to attend, but all guests will be encouraged to purchase tickets at $ 10.00 each. (minimum of two) Every ticket purchased allows the buyer to write down their legitimate nonprofit on the back of the ticket, and all donations go into the drawing. At the end of the evening, one ticket will be drawn and the nonprofit on the back of the selected ticket will receive the entire amount of money raised that evening!


So, the more tickets you buy, the greater the odds your nonprofit will win.

The total will also include proceeds from a 50/50 drawing, silent auction items, tee shirt sales, etc.

The second biggest change is the format of invitation only. The event will be hosted at the home of Annie and Joe Stout in Ozona, Florida, and there will be a limited number of invitations available. Harry Fest, as always, will feature fabulous live music, amazing food, and an ample supply of adult beverages.

If you are interested in attending and need an invitation, contact Joe at joe@bigjoestout.com