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Community Awards


Over the years, we have witnessed some extraordinary volunteerism from some amazing people. Two of the most dedicated volunteers we have had the privilege of knowing and working with have passed on. To recognize those people, and their exceptional effort, Harry’s Foundation started awards in their honor.


The Mike Molitor Volunteer Award

This award is voted on by the Board of Directors and

presented to individuals who have provided “more than you

can ask for” volunteer efforts. Mike Molitor would volunteer

all four days of Harry Fest site set-up, event day, and day

after with uncanny enthusiasm. He even played his bass in

one of the bands that performed on the Harry Fest Stage!

                                                                                                                           Mike Molitor with Graham Maby

Mike is truly missed but his legacy lives on every year at Harry Fest.


  • Matt Adams

  • Andy Winter

  • Russ Bronson

  • Meryl Stout

  • Allie Stout

  • Annie Stout

  • Joe “Poppy” Stout

  • Rich Fargo

  • Nate Cremeans

  • Jack and Bette Dastoli

  • Bullet Theory

  • Jeff Hudson

  • Todd Overhuel

  • Margaret Monet

  • Dean Hummel

  • John Heneghan


The Amy Winter Courage Award

Although battling with the symptoms and challenges of cancer,

Amy Winter never let it get in the way of making a huge difference with

Harry Fest. She handled all aspect of money collections and accountability

with remarkable courage and grace. Her loss was felt by all of us at

Harry’s Foundation, and we present this award annually to a person or

family that has displayed great courage while dealing with unique

life challenges.


  • Poppy Stout

  • The Dan Klein Family

  • Pat Kidwell

  • Amanda Tiseo                                                                                                                                              Amy Winter

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